Our first Nickelsville Arts and Crafts Fair has ended.  We want to thank everyone who participate in the auction, either by donating items, bidding, or spreading the word about the auction.

We hope to hold an in=person auction next year.


Auction Rules

1.  Bids on auction items will be accepted between 12:01 AM Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 and 12:00 midnight on February 13th. Emailed bids with time stamps outside of the auction times will not be considered.


2.  Bids must be submitted solely via email to Nickelsville.arts@gmail.com


3.  By 6:00 PM each day the latest bids will be posted on this website.


4.  Winning bidders will be notified by email on or before Wednesday, February 17th.  Winners must submit payment through either the PayPal link on this website located on the “how you can help” tab, or by check mailed to Nickelsville, PO Box 2548, Seattle 98111.   staff@nickelsville.works


5.  Items not paid for within two weeks of the winner having been notified will be offered to the next highest bidders in descending order.


6.  If mutually agreeable, your item may be delivered, observing social distancing, mask wearing, and no-contact (when possible), to your door or porch to save on shipping costs. Otherwise, it will be sent to you via US Mail.

7.  All sales are final.

8.  Proceeds from the auction will go to Nickelsville, a 501c3 organization registered in the State of Washington.  EIN 46-4372708